School’s Anthem

High above the ocean blue

Standing tall standing true

A fort on the flanks of a mighty city

With love spanning wide as the ocean view

In stride we walk the path of excellence

Each step giving thanks for the Father’s providence

With purpose we will strive together

Brave the tide in any weather


With discipline, determination success follows

In truth we honour these walls within which we learn

To lead the country forward when it becomes our turn

These lessons we know we will ne’er forget

As we fan to flame, love and let it burn

We raise our voices and we pledge today

To aim our hearts and minds to better days

Our colours match the skies to which we aim

We vow to fight the fight


With discipline, determination, success follows

And when we say goodbye to these walls to face the world

We’ll keep good friends and values to guide us as we go

We’ll serve and uphold what is right and just

With strength having hate as our only foe

This nation we will make a better place

With perseverance, we will run the race

Though trials  come we will stand strong

And know these trials won’t be long


With discipline, determination, success follows


At the Bocage Secondary School

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